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I think that maybe I love you Which is a strong word I know, but I have never quite felt this deeply romantically towards anyone else. There are so many things I wish were different. By now I can tell you must not feel the same way, but the worst part is that somehow I was convinced for a while that you did. We would try to talk as much as possible and have the best conversations. You could always make me smile. I miss that. I miss you. And you canít see what youíve done to me, but I guess it doesnít matter anyway, right? There are plenty of other people, Iím still young, blah blah blah. It just hurts. I thought Iíd be over it by now but Iím not there yet. Honestly Iím not sure if I can ever completely destroy my feelings for you. Ugh I just wish that I didnít feel this strongly, or maybe that weíd never met. Then I wouldnít be stuck like this. Then I wouldnít care if I heard about it. Youíd be just another name or face in the crowd to me. But whatever, it doesnít matter anyway, right? Iím sure someday Iíll find ďthe oneĒ or whatever. Because obviously teenagers canít feel real love anyway, right? Because it canít really be love if you donít love me back, right? Well whatever. I just hope you know that I wouldíve been there for you, even just as a friend if you wanted, if you wouldíve only cared enough to talk to me once in a while. I just donít know how to let go, I guess. Sorry for bothering you.
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