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Originally Posted by BriannaH View Post
Did you never get the gift card? I won the February contest, my first win, so I didn't know how to claim either. But now I do, so I can actually help.

1. Check your email or emails to see if Perry sent you anything. I got an email from him asking if the address this was sent to was correct, so that's what you're likely to get first. If nothing is there, ask your parents to check their email. It might be there. Once you get this you can reply saying whether or not the address it was sent to is the one you want your card sent to.
2. A couple days later, check your email again, this time for the email containing the actual gift card. It'll be in whatever email the first one was sent to, unless you or your parents wanted it to be sent to a different address. Soon you'll get the email.
3. The fun step: using the gift card. I don't think this needs to be explained.

Congrats on winning!
Thanks! That'll really help! I'll ask my parents later! I won the December contest as a runner-up. Here's the story: http://www.kidpub.com/kp-dec-2012-ru2
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