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Name: (I'm putting my name here cause' I trust y'all) Kathleen Synnott
Age/Year: 11 (first year)
Appearance: Brown, curly, poofy hair, cut very short (not, like, shaved). Fair skin, blue eyes. Kinda tall for my age
Background: Grew up a Muggle, but got accepted to Hogwarts
Personality/Driving Motives/Opinions on People and Communities: Snarky (sometimes), REALLY ratty the next morning when I don't get enough sleep, a little manipulative, I have been known to lose my temper. and I lie quite a bit. I don't really have any driving motives, I don't think. I grew up a Muggle, so I don't think they're inferior to wizards, but I do think some wizards are a little unfair on Muggle-borns. So I don't like those people and regularly shout at them.
Other: none, I don't think
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