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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
Has anyone actually given the backstory yet? XD

Okay, I'll do it, just to resolve this:

Edward = vampire
Bella = human

Bella and Edward love each other very much and Bella gets preggers, but the thing is, she's human and Edward is a super powerful sparkly vampire. People say that the conception of a child is impossible or something like that, I can't remember, but the baby grows very fast and, because the baby is so powerful (child of a vampire and mortal), it breaks Bella's spine during childbirth and pretty much kills her. :I
So... once the bebby is out of her, the vampires turn her into a vampire so she can hopefully heal and become a vampire so she'll survive all her injuries and stuff, and she does, and the bebby is named Renesmee.
So eventually Bella wakes up and she's totally chill and healthy and stuff and Renesmee is just there, growing up super fast, and apparently has special vampire powers like some kind of telepathy and apparently she can, uh, fly? I don't know.
But anyways all the vampires in Italy think she's a demon and come to kill her and then there's this werewolf who claims the still-prepubescent Renesmee for his future wife and things get pretty cray cray, so yeah.
Thank you! All I wanted to know was the backstory! And I'm reading the books right now, so case closed.
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