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Originally Posted by saphiremoon View Post
'Kayy another character who I find very sexy and very fun to write about.

Benedict Penumbra

Sarcastic, cynical and impatient, Benedict is incredibly clever, but his intelligence is matched by his sardonic nature. Very pessimistic, he is most certainly a sociopath, but reluctantly has a few good friends. Can be brave and loyal, and even caring and empathetic at times, but few people see this hidden side of him. Most of the time he appears hostile, independent and cold, bordering on cruel. He has a dry, wicked humour, and retorts to most people– even those he cares for– with sharp, cutting counters. Fairly serious, he rarely jokes but is willing to relax with friends. Not very ethical, and has a fairly quick temper.

With a slim, slender build, narrow features and pale skin, Benedict is considerably handsome, but in a more delicate way. His hair is a curly tangle of inky black that often drops into his eyes, and his eyes are his best physical feature– they're a dark emerald, looking greener against his parchment skin, and have a permanent hard glint in them. He usually has a scowl on his face, and his smiles are often dry and cold, rarely genuine and warm.

Benedict's parents are both alive, and he has a younger sister who he's very protective of (she's sixteen, he's eighteen). He and his father have a very strained relationship (truthfully, he hates his father), and he often resents his mother's care.

^^Took that from an old NES muahahaha yay for laziness
Thank you again
Sociopaths can be good
“If you choose to be invisible, it’s a superpower; if it’s forced upon you, it’s a plight. The same goes for being visible.” - Kathryn Schulz, Sight Unseen
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