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I feel bad for all of you!
Hah, hah, hahahaha cri

I am officially on Holiday Break.

all ya'll have to do more school, psyche!

But today was... FUuN!

So in Health, my "Friend" gave three of my other friends peppermints, and we all sit together.
I asked her if I could have one, and she said "maybe."
I kept asking because? What? You're just going to give my friends peppermints? In front of me?
And then she said I was begging too much, like it was a game.
We watched The Grinch in Health, (not the new one. The creepy live action version.) and I was just lowkey depressed the whole time. Leaving class, I just broke down. I accidentally shoved past one of my friends on my way into the Upper Cafeteria for chorus. I heard her calling for me to stop, and that it was rude, but yeah. I sat down away from the usual table (we were watching a movie about some famous composer.) Ten she came up to me and I was crying. All my friends came to me and I said I was fine. The teacher noticed me and told me to move myself if whatever it was was near me, and I told her no and went back. My friends were great. After the movie we had a party and stuff, screaming the lyrics on the projector to various Christmas songs. I was fine. I had fun. But I still looked at my friend. I was still sad.
Just kinda feeling blue right now.
please, ignore my screaming.
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