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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
I just came up with this child because I only have one character on this thread so far because I keep forgetting

Name: Payton Parker
Age: 14
Gender: Transgirl
Sexuality: demiromantic asexual
Appearance: Payton has light brown, usually straight hair that goes just below her shoulders, but it's usually tied back with a hair tie low on her back. She has very pale skin and a variety of freckles dusting her cheeks, but they aren't too prominent. She usually wears a long sleeve blue sweatshirt and black leggings or dark jeans with a thin brown belt that she keeps her sword sheathed on. She doesn't really care about the summer heat. She's 5'4'' with a flat chest and few curves. She has those sea-green eyes you'd expect for a daughter of Neptune.
Personality: Payton has gone to understand and cope with the little respect she earns at Camp Jupiter, and somewhat uses it to her advantage. Doesn't talk much because she's usually lost in thought, usually contemplating something like sneaking out at night or climbing on top of something she's not supposed to. She doesn't pay much attention to rules but never really gets caught for anything either. She doesn't talk to many people and would rather be hanging out by the Little Tiber than with you any day. She talks to little Julia a lot, even though she doesn't to anyone else, for some reason and has a soft spot for little kids. If you get her angry, which is quite hard to do, because at this point she practically ignores criticism, you'll never hear the end of it (and might drown in the process). She's non-verbally stubborn and might just ignore you alongside the rules if you try to enforce them too strongly. Tell her "this is not how you should act at camp"? You get a whole load of "I deserve more respect at camp, ya dumbnut". She's not an easy person to talk to but has an extremely strong will. She spends quite some time at the unicorn stables as well. The thing she really wants is someone to trust her, and that's her fatal flaw. She'll do anything if she feels like people are actually considering her decisions and making her not feel like nothing, meaning she can be tricked into helping bad people quite easily if she loses sight of what is going on and who's good and bad.
Greek/Roman: Roman
Child of: Neptune.
Backstory: She first went to Camp Jupiter when she was only 10 years old. Before that she lived a relatively quiet life with her mom (who is French-Canadian and Icelandic, and a tad Irish.) and little brother (she didn't know that they had a different father). She grew up speaking French Canadian and English and didn't quite understand that not all kids were raised like that. Her mom lived in Oregon for all of Payton's life but only ten or so years previously she moved in from Canada. Her mom's mother moved to Canada from Iceland where a long line of her distant family still remains. Her mother's father's family came mostly from Canada but his granfather came from Ireland with a strict family tree before that, making his whole family unusually pale. After Payton little brother's death due to a mystery sickness, Payton got upset and ran away from home. She stumbled upon New Rome almost entirely by mistake after a couple of weeks by travelling illegally by train from Oregon. The Romans quickly knew she was a demigod and her parent was revealed, and their respect for her strong personality quickly decreased. She didn't keep many of her original friends (y'all can be nice to her if you want to be one of her few friends). She joined the Fourth Cohort (with much protesting. They'd rather shove her into the Fifth.) She hasn't really left camp since besides the two times she ran off to go see the west coast.
Powers: Water, duh. Oh, and the unicorns. She's actually met a Greek pegasi before and abseloutly loved him but the Romans didn't let her keep him.
Special weapons: She has a thin sword and a shield. She keeps the sword sheathed on her belt most of the time and her shield appears as a wooden bracelet around her arm unless she flicks it in a certain way and mumbles something in Latin. Of course, she can't really have her sword inside the Pomeranian line but only people who have fought beside her know about the shield.
Other: Not really much. She's nothing special, but she is a legionnaire. She spends her spare time by the Little Tiber or the lake.
Cool character! Love seeing more Romans~ (me nd Srav have several)
Speaking of the Roman cohorts, it gave me a cute idea about my Roman boys, see: how did unclaimed probatio with no family who has never been to the wolf house Lucca get into the second cohort? (tldr Emmerich said so and he's centurion)
(also lol forgive me for being vague on cj structure/etiquette I need to reread son of Neptune lol)

Romans appraising Lucca after Emmerich brings him back to camp, Lucca more or less shrinking behind Emmerich because he Does Not Like Attention (he isn't shy so much as he just Hates Attention) and theyre like "So where do we put him? Like we still have no idea who his parent is, he has no letters of recommendation, no prior training, and no living relatives"
"idk maybe just the fourth or fifth"
Emmerich speaks up like "No, he's second cohort"
Everyone is like "but why"
Emmerich is like "I'm centurion, I claim him for second cohort."
"can he do that" "I mean I guess"
"He's quick-thinking and shows a lot of potential, I want him in my cohort. Will that be a problem?"
the answer is no one can come up with a valid reason to disagree with the son of mars, longtime legionnaire and centurion who pretty much everyone respects, on this, so lucca joins the second
(and for his part, he strongly wants to be in Emmerich's cohort because Emmerich is the only person there he has any reason to trust even marginally)
this and this and this
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