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Originally Posted by BearWithAStrawberry View Post
Explain, please.
The warriors is a book and its about cats. In the book there were four clans, but we are making up the names for the clans. Anyway the cats battle for territory and hunting and a couple other things.

The ranks of the warriors are.

Leader(has to have "star" at end of name example darkstar. And only leaders have nine lives so if your the leader you say how many lives you have left, and only 1 leader per clan.)

Deputy (leaders adviser and when leader is dead takes place of him/her only 1 deputy per clan. And organizes patrols.)

Warrior ( Has to be at least 12 moons Warriors hunt, patrol, help out around the camp as many warriors per clan.)

Apprentice( has to be at least 5 moons apprentices are training to become warriors. As many apprentices per clan.)

Kit (has to be below 5 moons kits stay with there mother, and play with litter mates.)

Medicine cat (has to be 12 moons Medicine cats help with cuts using cobwebs, leaves ect.)

Medicine cat apprentice( Medicine cat apprentices learn how to heal from the medicine cat. Has to be at least 5 moons.)

Elder (Elders are old cats who had there moments of pride.)

Moons are months.
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