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Okay I'm gonna open up about something and this will be really hard to talk about but here goes

On Kidpub every time I look back on my past self I just see a clingy kid everyone tries to talk to. It's nothing any of you ever do, it's just me feeling this way. I've got ADHD and I have slight personality changes constantly, so I will always regret pretty much anything I do. y'all are so nice to me even when I embarrass myself and I couldn't hope for nicer people to be on this website. But I feel like I'm too clingy to this website and that I'm online too much and I ruined this experience for everyone somehow. I keep trying to change so I'll seem less like a clingy little kid and more like- well- you guys. You never make me feel like this, I swear, this is all me. It's just I feel so self concious seeing my younger self

No, this isn't ever going to make me quit kidpub. You can't get rid of me that easy. You have been some of the most amazing people I've ever talked to and if you want to reach out my email is werty130778@gmail.com, i doubt anyone cares but if you want to give me your pn or snapchat or something go ahead, not sure why you'd want to talk to a cringy shit like me~

love you all to death.
please, ignore my screaming.
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