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Okay, this is what we have so far! Let's proofread it!
Augusta: Hey, Robert-

Robert (Zilo): MY NAME IS ZILO!

Augusta: Mmmmhmmm... Well, I found your birth certificate and it says Robert E. Walter, so HA!

Robert (Zilo): *stares sarcastically* Geckos don't have birth certificates, nimrod.

Augusta: Wait a second, this is supposed to be convincing Lydia why we're the best team!

Robert (Zilo): Who's our team?

Jill: Hello, Augusta. Hello Robert. Hello, Grace. *faces crowd*

Jill: Today, we are her to lament (and possibly procrastinate) about how great our group is!

Kika: *licks eye*

Jill: Ew, Kika!

Kika: *gecko gurgle*

Zilo: And, since I'm the most important being in this group... *receives sarcastic glances which he ignores* I think I'll go first. I'm a great contribution to this team because I have outstanding ideas, marvelous personality traits, crazy good looks, *winks and slicks back his non-existent hair* and good adjectives. Also, my family originates from Bikini Bottom. In fact, my cousin is good friends with-

Augusta: *groans* No one cares, Zilo. Let ME go. *kicks Zilo like a football and mutters happily "It's good!"*

Zilo: *grunts* *wanders back over to Augusta and starts eating her sock*

Augusta: *tries to ignore Zilo* I think we're the best group because we're creative... *shakes foot to get Zilo off* We're great authors... *shakes foot harder* And we get along well. *explodes with anger* *stuffs sugar cubes into Zilo's mouth to make him stop*

Mouse: Where am I?

Grace: Here, with all of us.

Mouse: *hides behind Grace*

Kika: *admiring gecko gurgle* *faints in total Love At First Sight*

Zilo: *flirts*

Jill: *disbelief* Can you guys believe them?

Augusta: I'm glad she can't talk. .-.

Jill: Yeah me too. Aaanyways, AS we were saying, our group also probably the only group with contestants that actually made it through round 1 with ALL the entries in, and Augusta joined in the middle, which clarifies her as even more awesome, because entering in a contest is supposed to NOT happen, and it happened. Therefore we are awesome.

Jill: *clears throat* Also, we are SO creative that our mascot is a gecko by the name of JOE, who is awesome. Also, did you guys know that geckos are highly intellect- *glances at Kika and Zilo* You know what, never mind that last fact.

Grace: Um, excuse me, but JOE? e.e

Mouse: You are all scary.

Grace: And you know why else we're the best? Because we're BEAST!!!!

Mouse: And LOUD!

Kika: *pipes up* And our socks sing us songs!

Jill: YOU TALK?!!!!!

Mouse: Singing socks are creepy.

Grace: (makes a sock puppet and pretends it's singing) Oh my darling, oh my darling....

Mouse (runs away): Aaaaaahhh! Why are you so mean to me?

Zilo: *begins romantic conversation with Kika*

Augusta: Gross! Just do me a favor and avoid inviting me to your wedding.

Joe the Gecko: *steps out of a Dunkin Donuts that appears out of nowhere*

Kika: *ditches Zilo for Joe*

Zilo: *starts crying and quietly singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart*

Augusta: Too late, Romeo. Your singing voice is terrible, by the way.

Joe: *approaches Zilo* *has an "attractive" French accent* I tell you what. If you want Kika back, you'll have to beat me in a sing-off.

Zilo: O-okay. *begins singing an off key Yellow Submarine*

Augusta: No! Use these! *hands Zilo her socks*

Socks: *begin singing a beautiful version of Hot Cross Buns*

Grace: Look at what I created!

Chorus of Socks (sings): We are Team Three! The mighty Team Three!
Everywhere we go, people wanna know! Who we are, so we tell them! We are Team Three, the might Team Three. And we're awesome!

Augusta: *tries to think up lyrics that aren't sucky* *begins singing to Mary Had a Little Lamb* Zilo had a pair of socks, pair of socks, pair of socks, Zilo had a pair of socks who sang like a-a-angels. Everywhere that Zilo went, Zilo went, Zilo went, everywhere that Zilo went the socks stuck onto him. Then he joined the Gecko Squad, Gecko Squad, Gecko Squad, then he joined the Gecko Squad and the socks left him alone.

Jill: And we are awesome because... *drumroll* we are probably the ONLY group of people who actually developed something out of a contest entry that has enough potential to keep going on AFTER the contest ends!

Joe: We have a PERSONALIZED KP Gecko Squad! Coming from a contest, it really couldn't get better, right?

Kika: *gecko gurgle* Plus, we have Zilo... *sighs in admira-*

Jill: *cuts Kika off and stuffs her in a sock*

Scatchero the sock: Hey!!! What was that for!!! Do you THINK I actually LIKE having a gecko to STOMACH???

Jill: Haha very funny Satchero. *stuffs Satchero in bag*

Grace: Our group is the best because....

Chorus of Socks (vocalizes): Because, because, because....

Grace (turns to look at them): Will you please!

Count Sockoroo: Why don't you join in? It'll make our team more awesome!

Grace: All right, you've convinced me. (sings) Our group is the best because....

Chorus of Socks (vocalizes): Because, because, because....

Grace (sings and throws in jazz hands) We have singing socks!

Count Sockoroo (joins in): So-ocks!

Sammy William Senior the Sock: *waves cane in the air* Back in the old days, we only sang the classics-

Timothy Roberto Gomez Junior the Sock (aka Thunder Thighs) (aka Chocolate Dictator) (aka Ozzy) (aka the Effing Wizard of Oz): No one gives a cotton ball! *takes cane and hits Sammy Senior*

Augusta: NO! Bad sockies! *puts Sammy Senior and Timothy in a timeout*

Zilo: You're the prettiest gecko I've ever laid eyes upon.

Kika: And you're the handsome-est.

Augusta: NEWS FLASH! Handsome-est isn't a word! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DUMB THESE DAYS?

Kika: *whispers* You're the one typing this, you know.

Augusta: *eyes widen* *jaw drops* You- What- No, no, no, no, no. Uh... My baby sister is typing this! I promise!

Vivian the Baby: Uh... You won't let me come within a five foot radius of your laptop.

Augusta: Wait a second, you can't even talk in real life!

Vivian: Yeah, well... I'm secretly a genius.

Augusta: Well, beat it, Einstein, we have plenty of characters as it is.

Vivian: *starts tearing up* O-okay...

Jill: they're geckos, child. Geckos.

Kika: Whatever. Anyway our team is awesome because we have Joe and
Zil- *voice is muffled*

Jill:*tries to shut Kika up* Damn why does she talk?! Anyways our group is awesome because we were the first ones to all see and comment on the second Whirlwind round post. :^D

Kika: *muffled gecko gurgle*

Jill: What'd you say? *is wary*

Joe: *pushes glasses upwards* Let me clarify. The noises gurglabubooma would most probably mean amen as it sounds. The word amen was earliest used by the-

Jill: *drowns out Joe* Okay THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOE AND KIKA. Kika, please shut up for future references, and Joe, we all know the origins of the word amen. So just... No. And where'd you get the gla- you know what, I'm not even gonna ask.

Scatchero the sock: *pipes up* But I don't know!

Jill: *facepalm* Cause you're dumb and uneducated and we don't give a crap about your opinions cause WE are the spotlight here.

Joe: But... But...

Mouse: this was fun.

Grace: See, I told you. You need to step out of your shell.


Kika: But we should end this now.

Jill: Yeah- it's getting long and random.

Joe: But didn't Lydia say to be as random as- *muffled yelp*

Jill: Nothing! *holds Joe down* Bye guys!

All: Bye!
And it gets easier,
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