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1) Um...was that moose?? lol XD
2) ... *scratches head and hollers: "NEXT!!!!!!!!!"*
3) fosafndsonefjasofjdoja!! HA SO THERE!
4) It most definitely is. Oh, you don't know how big a lie it is... -sigh- (was this random or something I am just completely oblivious to??)
5) Several times. *snorts* John Travolta and his high pants....ahaha
6) Not to wear high pants or else you get wedgies
7) Don't have one....probably should....hmmm
8) Chicken, just cos Claudia said egg! XD lol
9) MY PUBLISHER!!!!!!!!!! god i am dying to meet her....
10) OMG YOU FREAK!!!!! and slap you over the face. Or, "IM ALLERGIC TO POLLEN!! AUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" *dies*. Or if I'm in a good mood, put it through a mulcher.
11) YELLOW! YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW!!!!!!! It's so bright, and happy, and random.....!!!!

AHEM! cough up those extra Q's!!!!
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