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Originally Posted by wildwolf View Post
What's wrong with not having a religion?
Is the government mad we have brains?
I really don't understand.

Originally Posted by Ruza View Post
Coming from an atheist, I'm not too thrilled about this national day of prayer. But, if you guys want to sit around all day and speak to an invisible sky man, I guess you can do it.
It's not like I or any other atheist cares.
Ruza, for your own good, please grow up. I'm not going to challenge your beliefs, but don't ridicule other people's beliefs. It's not gonna be good for you when you have to work with other people with other beliefs for a living. Not trying to offend you or anything, but just bug off.

Originally Posted by shadowtide View Post
The National Day of Prayer doesn't force anyone to pray! It's not against our rights, at all. Besides, as Jack has previously pointed out: 'freedom of religion', not 'freedom from religion'.
Exactly. You don't have to celebrate it. Who cares? Why would you be against it?

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