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Originally Posted by Tarka View Post
Kocha: What?
Me: You're up first. Go!
Kocha: Erm..... okay. *whispers to me* Do I have to tell them about my parents?
Me: No. That comes up in Chapter 14 anyway. I want it to be a surprise! ^o^
Kocha: Okay. Uh..... I'm a Klinyana, first of all. A spy, actually. My first case was watching Skiidor after he left the Klinyana. You know, to see if he would come back and all. Which he didn't.
Skiidor: >:^D *loves making Klinyana miserable*
Kocha: D; ANYWAYS! His mate stayed behind with us. She was really upset, and would go off by herself all the time. She would come back a little happier.... but you could obviously tell that something was wrong. One day in spring, she-- she never came back. We found her outside of Crimson Wood. I thought that she was sleeping, but-- but she wasn't.
Coryl: *wants to comfort Kocha but has no clue how to*
Kocha: Up until that point, Skiidor had seemed alright. He seemed like he was planning on coming back to the Klinyana. But after his mate died..... he blamed it on us, and...... he went insane...... in his heart. DX
Anyway, I don't think they had any pups..... and if they did, they're probably dead.... Skiidor probably did something DUMB......
Skiidor: HEY! I may be evil, but I'm not so dumb as to kill off my family line! SOMEONE'S got to rule the Pochar after I'm gone.....
Kocha: Case in point: Skiidor's crazy; they had no pups.
Me: *giggles* *points at everyone* I know something you guys don't know.....
ANYWAYS! Questions for Kocha...... *coughthatwillmakeherfeelawkwardcough*
O_o The last line scares me a little... XD

Questions? Ummm.....OH! *snickers* What would you do if Haval started hitting on you?
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