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Ugh! I've had A LOT of really strange dreams... I could name tons of 'em!
One took place in my room. I was standing in front of my bureau with Mandie & Joe from the Mandie Mysteries (weird, right!?) and instead of my ag doll sitting on it, a tiny old woman was standing there. We asked her for a key to unlock a house in the backyard and she threw it down, but warned us about something. We went outside (it was dark), and there was mother gothel (from Tangled...) standing there facing a pond with an evil glare. You know how Rapunzel's hair gives her power in the movie? Well, the pond was giving her power in my dream. Suddenly, she turned around and started chasing us (screaming) back into the house. When Mandie, Joe, Mother Gothel and I got inside, Mother Gothel started banging my sister Kaelyn (who kinda appeared out of nowhere) on the head with her fists but somehow, it didn't hurt... Then I woke up.
That was actually a real dream, sad to say.
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