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Okay, honestly, you're NOT a crappy writer, Owen. So don't say that, please, you're better than much writings I've seen before, trust me.
And to put that aside, I had a REEEEEEALLY awesome, super-cool, totally-the-BEST, you-will-be-envious-of-my-if-you-like-the-Doctor kind of dream.
A group of about 5-10 people were accompanying the Doctor and I when we landed on a flat, golden-ish meadow-ish piece of land surrounded by trees in autumn. A giant robot that bore significant symbolance to the robot-dude from Sharkboy & Lavagirl were tearing up the ground, taking earth bits and ripping it from the ground.
We watched it from inside the TARDIS when it began to chuck the ground-pieces at us; everyone ducked to the floor of the console room, but I'm not sure where the Doctor went. I began to use blue energy to pull the robot's size down; I reached through the floor of the TARDIS and began pulling hard, stringy blue energy from the ground; each pull made the robot smaller, as though I were pulling away it's power source. When it completely disapeared, we ran out and had a party. We pretended to be daleks, running around the park at night as streamers fell and balloons bobbed around. Everybody laughed as we pretened to "zap" each other with plungers and whisks. Even the Doctor laughed about it; but then some blonde woman came and tried to crash our party, she looked much like Ashley Tisdale, almost, but I went all mixed martial arts on her becuase the Doctor said she was a spy. Then something else happened, I don't remember what, but the last thing I saw was I was calling to the Doctor and holding onto him when I woke up. IT WAS FLIPPING AMAZING, is all I can say. ^_^
To: You-Who-Is-Reading-This; I think you're brilliant. From, Mina.
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