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Originally Posted by smartgal00 View Post
JILLLLLLLLL. Listen, pal, even if we weren't in the same "group" tha-thingy, like, I totally get super excited when I see people who were at least on KP at the same time I was. People who are on now, or who came on much later are great, but the nostalgia is freaking dope!
tbh I'm super flattered that you remember me! :DD
The Taco Era... Those were some fun days (not the cringy parts, just the writing and kp being alive and thriving part) I do agree it's the nostalgia factor; I'm always so happy to see people I knew from back then, even if we were close... It still feels like seeing an old friend.
On behalf of the few kids here now though, I'll say they're all very cute and doing their best to keep the site alive, which is good too!
And it gets easier,
Even if it never stops being hard.
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