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Originally Posted by katchyboo View Post
Okie dokie karaoke, here are da ships (most of them are gay) Some are from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (if you don't know what that is, look it up immediately it's so good) , some are from Harry Potter, some are from Sanders Sides, and one from Voltron.

Drarry (Draco x Harry)
Linny (Luna x Ginny)
Marikura (Bakura x Marik)
Yugeon (Yugi x Leon)
Sai (Serenity x Mai)
Trisuke (Tristan x Duke)
Setea (Seto Kaiba x Tea)
Jebecca (Joey x Rebecca)
Prinxiety (Virgil x Roman)
Logicality (Patton x Logan)
Klance (Keith x Lance (I haven't even watched all of Voltron))

My OTPs are probably Sai, Marikura, Yugeon, Prinxiety, and Drarry, but my OTP OTP is...
drum roll....

Marikura, I'm sorry
yo I quit watching Voltron but klance is still good shit
trails of f i r e
you always knew
they would carry me home
they'd lead me to y o u
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