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Originally Posted by Danish621 View Post
I'm just saying. Here on KidPub most of us that I know of use proper grammar and whatnot. But I went on this site for an author I like, and it had a forum. On the forum, everyone was using *txt spk*! I was completely, I dunno, irritated. There were messages like:

It was irritating. I don't understand why people write "meh" instead of me or my. That's one more letter to add. I can stand smiley faces like :] or and I can take it when people use lol or haha or teehee, except I don't understand the point of using ROFLOLMAO when you could just use lol.

I also don't get why they use text talk in emails. Couldn't you use the extra seconds or so to use proper spelling and grammar? I don't mind typos, Kazel here's the typo queen, and I get it when you don't know how to spell something. But seriously. I got an email from my friend like this:

Well. I could understand it, but it looked so sloppy.

Any opinions?

I hate text speak. I couldn't even understand most of it
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