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Name: Hint Johnson
Age: 15
Race: Vampire (Can only be killed by garlic if eaten.)
Appearance: Dark hair that reaches a couple inches under his ear. Slicked back hair. Pale skin (like the stereotype) with a few freckles sprouted around his eyes. Blinding white teeth that are sharpened at birth because of the vampire ceremony. Young, wild spring blue eyes that sort of glow in the dark.
Personality: Unlike his appearance and the rest of his race, Hint is actually a very cheery, optimistic vampire. He is easily frightened, and only uses his teeth as a weapon if absolutely necessary.
Weapons: He doesn't like to fight. He's fast and smart though.
Ability/Ability Group: Mage
Lives in (Region): The Shadow Jungle
Family/History: Clue (12-year old sister), Hel (Mother.) Tyran (Father.) His family is very ashamed of him. He's a softy as they say. Clue just feels bad for him.
Other: N/A
"She thought it was just a joke, I thought it was an act punishable by death, blah, blah, blah... But we reconciled and here I am." - Red about Goldilocks, The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning
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