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Default The New Magic School

Originally Posted by SilverRipple View Post
Magic Academy is a popular school in a local, regular town. Only those magic peeps can see what it really is! Follow the lives of magic kids through prom, exams, and the whole shebang. You also learn how to survive the magic world as well as the real world here. This is a boarding academy, so there are dorms.

People ( No magical powers, just natural abilities, like Water Sprites can breathe underwater, Faries can fly, etc. And try to keep to activities the creature would do. Like a fairy wouldn't do Dragon Racing, and a Centaur wouldn't do synchronized swimming.)

Ideas on what you can be (there's more, but I am totally spacing.)
Forest Elves
Water Sprites
Satyrs ( Same as Faun basically)
Dragon Riders (Same as Eragon, but without the magic)

How to post your character (for our fellow WBers benefit)

What you are (any of the above or more):
School Schedule (if grades 6-12 [And yes, we do have regular subjects, but everyother week]):
Background (if any):
Other (did you get held back a grade...how'd you get into school...etc):
Other (lifewise):

Example of Character

Name: Reese Lark
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Gender: Female
What you are (any of the above or more): DRAGON RIDER!!!
School Schedule (if in grades 6-12):
Regular (normal as in) weeks (6 hours in a day, two electives):
1st Hour: Math
2nd: Language Arts
3rd: Gym
4th: Geography
5th: Science
6th: Art
Regular (magic, as in) week (most revolve around your ablilites):
1st: Dragon Taming
2nd: Dragon Riding
3rd: Swordplay
4th: Archery
5th: Spells and magic
6th: Crafting (weilding, making, fixing, all that fun stuff)
Appearance: Black, almost blue hair. Blue streaks on the front. Silvery eyes. Tall and thin frame, athletic build.
Personality: Loud, likes to voice her opinions. Brave and slightly arrogant, likes to lead.
Background (if any): Didn't actually relize she was a magic person, weird things just started happening.
Other (did you get held back a grade...how'd you get into the school...etc.): Joined the school in 8th grade.
Other (lifewise): Family kind of stays away from her. They're more freaked out than supportive.
So, I'll be reviving this. SilverRipple was last active in 2012, but I found the idea of this NES fascinating and I wanted to participate.
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