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Name: Pearl Caster
Age: 16
Gender: female
What you are (any of the above or more): fairy
School Schedule (if grades 6-12 [And yes, we do have regular subjects, but everyother week]):
1st Hour: Art
2nd: Language Arts
3rd: Math
4th: Science
5th: Gym
6th: Geography
Regular (magic, as in) week (most revolve around your ablilites):
1st: Potions
2nd: Flying
3rd: Magic
4th: Archery

Appearance: long black hair, pale skin, skinny
Personality: quirky, active, fun, exciting, creative, leader like, stubborn, and over dramatic
Background (if any): has a dark background she tells no one
Other (did you get held back a grade...how'd you get into school...etc): her parents died so her nasty aunt sent her here
Other (likewise): she has a witch aunt
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