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Name: Travis Rockhard
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Gender: Male
What you are (any of the above or more): Forest elf
School Schedule (if in grades 6-12):
Regular (normal as in) weeks (6 hours in a day, two electives):
1st Hour: Math
2nd: Language Arts
3rd: Gym
4th: Geography
5th: Science
6th: Art
Regular (magic, as in) week (most revolve around your ablilites):
1st: Archery
2nd: Stealth
3rd: Swordplay
4th: Archery
5th: Spells and magic
6th: Crafting (weilding, making, fixing, all that fun stuff)
Appearance: Pale blonde hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin
Personality: Quiet, follows orders
Background (if any): N/A
Other (did you get held back a grade...how'd you get into the school...etc.): Joined school in Kindergarden
Other (lifewise):
And the walls come tumbling down on the city that we love
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