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I know this is too detailed. I was bored

Name: Katrin Orville
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Gender: F
Species: Were-cat
(1) Math
(2) PE
(3) Choir (she's an alto)
(4) History
(5) Literature/English
(6) Science
SPECIAL (some of it is copied from Harry Potter!)
(1) History of Magic
(2) Swordplay
(3) Stealth
(4) Charms and Spells
(5) Transfiguration
(6) Care of Magical Creatures
Appearance: Her human form is on the left, but with normal ears and long hair. Her cat form is on the right but stronger and larger.

Personality: She tries to have an open mind about people, but isn't very good at it. She attempts to come across as sweet and kind, which she actually can be. If you like her, she'll like you back, no matter how mean you are to everyone else. If you hate her, though, she'll hold a grudge and attempt to ruin her life. She's very protective of her transforming and doesn't do it in public except in emergencies.
Background: For most of 10th grade, Katrin attended a normal public school. Near the end of the year, a shooter attacked her classroom. Instinctively, she transformed into her cat form and killed the attacker before anyone else got hurt, but her powers were revealed. She was "kidnapped" and taken to the magic school the next day.
Other (school-wise): This is her first full year at school. She arrived in April of 10th grade. She never skipped a grade; she was born right before the cutoff date at her old school.
Other (life-wise): Her older sister, Kristin, is a were-dog who's not too good with hiding her powers. She went to the school since 6th grade and graduated last year.

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