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Name: Aspen Flutterdun
House: Hufflepuff
Sex: Male
Wand: Elm, unicorn tail, 7 inches
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Appearance: Fluffy orange-blonde hair that's sort of long and unruly in the front but well-kept and short in the back, huge green eyes, upturned nose, tan for a British kid, freckles, very lean built. About five three in height, and has big feet he's yet to grow into.
Personality: Rebellious and quirky, with quick-wit and a dry sense of humor. A bit moody, but very dependable for the most part. Kind to everyone until they prove themselves unworthy of his friendship. A bit awkward, but makes friends easily. Plays guitar. Secretly sensitive, but tries to hide it. Good with the ladies, but in an endearing way. Very smart. (also he's heteroflexible and has lesbian moms, deal with it.)
Favorite Class: Herbology (he has a very slight crush on Professor Longbottom)
Boggart: His moms dead.
Pet: Teeny tiny owl named Beechnoogle (Beech for short)
i wonder what keeps us so high up
could there be love beneath these wings?

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