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Imma make a guy too bc why not? ^-^

Name: Sarin Leres
House: Gryffindor
Sex: Male
Wand: Cypress, unicorn tail hair, 14"
Blood Status: Pureblood
Appearance: Long dark hair that keeps falling into his eyes. Cloudy dark blue eyes that sparkle when he's excited. Pale skin and a long, aristocratic nose. A broad smile but relatively small lips. An angular face with boniness that's hidden by vestiges of baby fat. About five feet tall. Wiry, but broad-chested. Not very muscular, but still strong for his age. Usually dresses in alternative band shirts and ripped jeans.
Personality: Despite the fact that he seems like a stereotypical emo skater dude, he's just proud and cuddly and protective and hard on the outside but really a big softy and just omg he is a cutie <3 He's very na´ve, but in his fourth year or so he'll go through an abrupt personality change and become a lot more broody, dark and angsty... but he still has four years of cuteness... ^-^ He's cocky and can be irresponsible but he's also very loyal and dedicated. He's not academically gifted-- rather, he usually fails his classes because he has focusing problems... but in his third year he finds out that he's an arithmancy prodigy, so he finally has something going school-wise for him. (he's also bisexual and he's very accepting of people and stuff) (sarin's a cutie and prolly one of my favorite characters <3)
Favorite Class: Arithmancy. Herbology until he can actually take electives, though.
Boggart: Being alone, without anyone who loves him/without anyone to love.
Pet: This hyperactive little cat called Quinn. He rescued her from an animal shelter when she was dying of an illness-- she'd been abandoned by the owners after they picked her up and realized that she had a deformity that caused her face to be squashed. Sarin will literally punch anyone who makes fun of Quinny and it's hella adorable.
my name is finny & i like the bone app the teeth meme more than i like myself
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