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"Is it here yet?" asked Morganne, her eyes a little greener than usual.

"What, love?" replied her half-blood mother, who appeared to be enchanting the dishes to wash themselves.

"My letter! Duh!" Morganne stuck her tiny lower lip out in frustration. "My letter to Hogwarts. It was supposed to come in last week! You told me about how your letter came in on your birthday and you went there and everything! I still remember!"

Morganne's mother sighed quietly. "We just changed houses, sweetie. Maybe they don't have our new address. Should I go check the mail?"

"It's fine! I'll get it!" The young girl smoothed down her favorite sleeveless green dress, which apparently brought out her eyes, and ran outside. "I hope it's here... I hope it's here... AHA! FOUND IT!" She screamed and held the letter up! "YES! I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS!"

"Open it," her mother murmured, her amusement clear on her face. "Go on, Morganne."

It didn't take the girl more than a few seconds to skim over the letter, considering her above-college reading level. "I can't believe it! Mom, can you help me pack?"
"Of course, my butterfly." Morganne's mother smoothed down her daughter's wavy ringlets. "You won't really need much from here, but I'll get your father to take you to Diagon Alley soon. You've heard about it before, haven't you?"

"The magical shop place! Yay! DAD? CAN I GO TO DIAGON ALLEY?" belted Morganne.

"Her letter came in," explained Morganne's mother as her father walked into the room while wearing a bemused expression.

"Mo, that's wonderful!" Her dad swept her up in a strong embrace, picking her up off the floor. "My little girl is going to become the best wizard for miles around! Let's get you to bed so we can go on a little shopping trip tomorrow."

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