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Teddy arrived at Diagon Alley through Flu Powder, which always left Teddy a little nauseous, but the uncomfortable feeling washed away when he saw Diagon Alley.
He turned to Harry, who was holding James and Albus's hands and Ginny who was carrying baby Lily. "Thank you so much!" He said in delight.
First they went to Flourish and Blotts to get his school books, and they were stopped by a family of wizards who asked for a picture with Harry and Ginny. After that they went to Ollivander's.
Ollivander himself wasn't there but there was a young wandkeeper that looked about ten to fifteen years older than harry. He was bald and wearing a leather purple hat and purple robes.
"Hello, child," He said. "My name is Sylvester Sicklebee and I will be your wandkeeper for today, since Ollivander has fallen ill. Now. Wand hand?"
"Right," Teddy replied. Sylvester nodded and took out a wand.
"Holly, dragon heartstring, 10 inches," He said and took it out of it's box. It was a white wand, which was peculiar to Teddy because all of the wands he'd seen were black or brown."
"Give it a wave," Sylvester said but Teddy had already waved and the ladder had already fallen.
"Oh dear, not the wand for you at all," Sylvester snatched the holly wand and gave his own a swish and flick and the ladder rose back up. "Here, maple, unicorn hair, 8 inches."
He gave that wand a flick and a bunch of wands fell on Sylvester. Teddy winces and put the wand on the desk. Sylvester levitated the wands back but then stopped. "Hmm... maybe you're an ash boy," Sylvester said and handed Teddy a wand. "Ash, dragon heartstring, 10 1/2 inches. We've had this wand for a very long time."
He handed Teddy a very old looking creamy-white wand with black spots from old age. The handle was straight but the rest was curvy.
He swished the wand and his hair blew back and he felt as if he had just made a new friend.
"Ah," said Sylvester. "This is the wand for you."
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