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After Mr. Long Boo-tay-tay explained to the Flutterduns that Aspen was a wizard and that he'd been invited to a wizarding boarding school, and after several hours of Mom and Mommy protesting this possibility, each of the small family finally agreed to let Neville take them shopping in some place called Diagonally to prove to them that magic was real and Hogwarts was a place.
"Everyone hold hands, if you will," Neville said. "Please keep your mind clear and resist the urge to release contact with the circle - it's dangerous." Aspen's mothers pinned him between them and took the odd wizard man's hands. Then, all of a sudden, a terrible ripping and sucking sensation distorted Aspen's body. He would've screamed, if he thought he could've opened his mouth without upchucking.
Aspen's knees felt like jelly when everything shifted back into place. They were just outside a rickety old store with the name Olivander's written in bold cursive.
"Oh, dear," Mommy breathed. "I feel like my brain's just been tumbled with a drag queen's delicates."
Neville stifled a laugh, and opened the door for the Flutterdun family. "The first thing every wizard needs is a wand." Aspen was watching his smile again. This Neville Longbottom was actually a very attractive man. The boy was usually attracted to the opposite sex, but hey, things happen. (That's what his mothers always said, except with a less clean vocabulary.)
Aspen stepped inside the shop and his eyes widened.
"Neville!" a man with childish round glasses cried.
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