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Originally Posted by Timber View Post
The books to me honestly weren't that bad. The movies I can't stand. In fact, I mostly watch them to point out all the dumb things I would have changed had I written Twilight.

Bella annoys the heck out of me. She acts like a dumb, careless princess. I don't know why Jacob and Edward would fight over her. They should be fighting to see who's stuck with her.

Also I don't like Kristen Stewart. Her acting in the movie seems like she's bored all the time in my opinion.
I actually just read an interview with Kristen Stewart where she's saying the reason she doesn't smile in movies or photos is because she feels superficial doing it, like a fake person. Like... jeez. She's really pretty, but it's like she's trying to be some new phenomenon by not smiling, and she's not, she just looks like a toddler who didn't get the toy she wanted.
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