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Originally Posted by AnnaMator View Post
No problemo. So is there any preference on what I should have Carter doing? I have some ideas but if there's someone I can like have him meet up with or something that'd be great.
*If someone replies to that ^ I'll add it in later but for now I'm going to start before I forget my idea.*

It had been a long day.

First, my grandfather had decided that I was getting too lazy so I had been forced to go for a run, which would've been fine had I been in a running sort of mood. But I wasn't. So I trudged through several miles, stopping by the bay to watch some ships come in for a few minutes before continuing. Then, my aunt had called and complained that she thought I had stolen her favorite set of spoons when I was kicked out of her house so my grandfather searched my room, only to find that I had, indeed, not taken the spoons. Why would any teenage boy want to steal spoons anyways? I had no use for Aunt Larissa's dinnerware.

And now there was this.

I am pretty sure it was my grandfather's neighbor Sue, who was possibly the only woman crankier than Aunt Larissa, that told the patrol she thought I had the powers. Which I did, of course, but I had never used them around her. Honestly, I think she was just looking for a way to get rid of me after I accidentally threw all her tulip bulbs into the pond between our houses, thinking they were oddly shaped rocks. I had never seen a tulip bulb before, and honestly I didn't know anyone who still planted flowers besides Sue.

Anyways, they had showed up at precisely 7:43 and six seconds PM. I knew that because I was in the middle of doing the handwriting practice my grandfather forced me to do so that "I wouldn't let the world stop me from writing things by hand and do it all electronically", which was totally stupid but whatever. There was a clock in front of my desk and i spent more time staring at it then doing my handwriting. There had been precisely three short, hard knocks before I heard my grandfather open the door, followed by muffled voices. Not ten seconds later I heard the familiar stomping up the stairs of my grandfather before I got in trouble. I just hadn't known what it was for this time.

"Carter," he had said, opening my room's door swiftly. I remember jumping a little bit, dropping my pencil and sending it rolling towards my grandfather's feet. "Is there something I need to know, young man?"

I shook my head firmly no.

"God, I hope you're not lying like you usually do. There's some people here to see you, and you need to come immediately."

After that, I had walked nervously down stairs. Usually when I was in trouble my grandfather he wasted no time punishing me. But his statement that he hoped I wasn't lying was what had clued me in- the patrols were here.

So that's how I ended up here, in my grandfather's kitchen, being interrogated. The patrol sitting across form me was at least five inches shorter than I was, probably at least thirty years old, and chubby- or "well padded" as grandfather would say. He had rings of sweat under his armpits and he reeked like a pair of old socks. The bags under his eyes showed how tired he was, and his voice was starting to sound like he might fall asleep right in the middle of this. I wondered if i would automatically get to leave if he fell asleep.

After what seemed like hours of questioning I was allowed to go, then they called my grandfather run to ask him questions. I sat nervously on the couch as the other patrol, this one younger, fresher, and in much better shape, watched me like a hawk as I tapped my toes and waited. It was only ten minutes or so later when grandfather and the first patrol emerged.

"I have your results, Mr. Mason."
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