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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
me: has all A's, taking an AP class and self-studying for another, taking classes at community college next year, art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts and attending writing seminars
my parents: *never wanted me to be do online school anyways* you aren't working hard enough, you're probably going back to public school next year!! :---))))
me: *flashbacks to public school when I had migraines every day and was shaking before gym glass and everyone around me was a piece of shit and now this is the first time I've actually enjoyed school and I'm invested in stuff* are you serious rn

fml :^>
fuck man, that's shitty as hell. is there any way you can convince them otherwise? The migraines themselves seem a valid enough excuse to not go back to that. and public school is Not for everyone, I know a lot of people with anxiety and depression and/or insomnia, and being in something other than public would help a whole damn lot.
also if ypu're getting straight a's I see no valid reason to put you back in public school
anything I can do, though I doubt there is because it's pretty fuckin hard decision/situation
tired and gay as hell, crabwalking my way through life
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