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I'm upset right now and I feel like I shouldn't be because it's over such a small thing, and there are lots of people with real problems out in the world and on KP, but, yeah...my dad went to a hair appointment instead of coming to show-off night for gymnastics. And it shouldn't be a big deal. I keep reminding myself that it's not important, it doesn't matter, i've been in gymnastics forever and i'm sure he thought that missing one show-off night wouldn't be that bad.
I just kind of spent a lot of time on the particular skills I wanted to show him. And I don't have anyone else to show them to because my mom and siblings are all in gymnastics with me. And it sucks that he went to get a haircut instead..
Whatever, I shouldn't have gotten myself so excited about it in the first place. It's not like I wanted to prove to him that i'm not the lazy slacker he thinks I am or anything..
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