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Me: *shoves bill in another box* if he could, which I also wouldn't be surprised, not anymore. *throws box over shoulder, it burns in blue fire* don't worry about him. He'll regenerate.

Dipper: I hope not. Also, please agree with- um- whatever your name is and let me go *points to papyrus*

Me: fine whatever but if you tell one single thing about this to Ford, you will be sorry.

Dipper: ooookay... *hahaha yeah like he meant that*

Mabel: *sits up* nnNoT aGainn...

Me, generally curious: what kind of font change is that?

Wendy: shouldn't you know? you're the one writing this, after all. A real bring up for the fandom, but not the same as when Alex- oh.

Me: what do you know

(so wendy doesn't actually know stuff like this in the series but I feel like she should because she deserves it. does this mean she can hear chara, I don't quite know yet. we'll have to see. my take is she's just conscious she's a fictional character, and probably has some memories from the various people her character was based on.)
please, ignore my screaming.

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