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Originally Posted by Jean View Post
No, you don't understand. I have stopped, the only people who get hurt are the people who summon them. Its not an addiction. I can stop when I want. and we did. They just won't leave us alone.Its not the power thing we do it for either, we do it to see what we can do. We can't control the ghsts or whatever. I'd never hurt anyone, no matter if I hate them or not. I have to say I'm snesitive to peoples feelings. I couldn't do it. I might plot to do it but I'd NEVER EVER hurt ANYONE. And dude, no offense but I'm not mental. I'm not schizoprenic either. Ok? I'm not stupid and I'm not lying. I'm kinda hurt. I have told an adult. She said I should be more careful and stop for awhile. I listened to her. They just won't leave me alone
Didn't mean to offend or anything, I didn't see a mention of adults being told or anything, so I figured I'd bring it up. Again, didn't mean to offend.

Okay, so now I'm probably about to offend you again >.< I don't know you, or if you're religious or anything, but talking to someone from a church, or better yet praying, would be something I'd suggest.
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