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Awww, that's sweet, WolfWriter!! Okay, here's all about mine:

Okay, first of all, we are both Sophomores. My crush has blonde hair, he is tall, tan, and loves sports. I love sports more than anything too.

So, I'm Homeschooled, and I go to a co-op on Mondays where I take classes. My crush, his name is Jeremy, goes there too. We were in Writing Class together that my Mom taught.

Several co-op weeks went by, I never really noticed him. I mean, I NOTICED him, but I never really thought about him. Until my Mom kept telling me, "Jeremy seems like a great guy" and "Jeremy seems like a really cute kid" ect. I started thinking about him. NOT liking him, but I thought about him once in awhile, you know, just how you think about lots of people.

Our first conversation was on Facebook Chat after he asked me to be friends on Facebook. He talked to me first . . . and we ended up having over a thirty-minute conversation.

Then, several weeks later, (I didn't like him yet), I had a dream. The dream was about him and me kissing. When I woke up, I was like "What???", because I wouldn't let myself like him. Maybe I liked him without really meaning to.

BUT, guess what happened after I woke up?? I checked my Facebook, and I saw that Jeremy poked me! On Facebook, that means he has a crush on me! So, I waited a few days to think it over, and I admitted to myself that I really liked him. So I poked him back.

Then the next co-op day, we hung-out a BUNCH at co-op, then afterwards waiting until Parent's Night, because that day was the last day of co-op. We had so much fun together, talking, laughing, and then we sat together at Parent's Night. Our row was crowded, so we had to touch . . .

So, now, we go to the same church, so we see each other each Sunday. We walk around together, play basketball at the indoor gym at the church, and Sundays are the best day of the week because I get to see him.

And yes, two months after he poked me on facebook, we are still poking each other back and forth. For two months.

So yes, we have a mutual crush. And he is seriously, the MOST AMAZING GUY I'VE EVER MET. And I promise you. I PROMISE you, I am not just saying that. He has great character, respect, and personality. HE is just perfect. Seriously. I just can't believe how amazing he is.

So, yes, I am just so happy, like I have been the past few months . . .

I <3 Jeremy.
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