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The Erebus/Erebos arc is nearly at a close.

- The riddle book was an interplanetary gate that carried the group to Erebos.
- W.V. has been Ďdefeatedí and is now on the good side.
- Kyle is apparently W.V.ís brother.
- W.V. was possessed, the thing that was possessing him has run off.

We still need to know what happened to Leedís parents. The last we heard about them, they were captives of W.V., so either we should have Leed be reunited with them, or we should have him discover that they are somewhere else or dead. Since Leed is Justinís character, itís up to him to decide whatís gonna go on in with that, so get back to us, alright?

We also need to get Sunset, Echo, and Gary back with the rest of the group, but thatís a simple matter.

As far as the next arc goes, does anyone have any suggestions, or is there anyone who really want to focus on their characters?

This might be the perfect time to bring back the missing characters?


P.s. Ena I meant to say this on the emotional venting thread but did something else instead so i'll say it now; I really respect your choice and I hope it works well for you.
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