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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
hermione is so cool. ron and draco are funny!! i haven't thought of them as funny before but they definitely are.

yeah romance is chill but it's hard to do it right? or originally? whenever i so much as start writing romance my entire brain goes "lol wat y u tryna do that" so most of my main characters just don't date??? i'll do romantic subplots but.

detroit: become human is a video game that wants to be a movie with so many continuity issues it isn't even funny but the characters are so wonderful that the fandom is still poppin. the main premise of detroit is that androids become ubiquitous and everybody has these human-shaped computer slaves. and then they start becoming sentient.

connor is everyone's favorite because he's in denial that he's sentient the whole time and has a really cool arc. i've been posting stuff about my headcanons and fanfiction for detroit lately. check fandom randoms
wait that sounds really interesting. how does the video game portion work?

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