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unfun fact: i was having a ton of terrible PMS symptoms (including cramps) on/before christmas and i thought it was my period but it was actually just my body being a little asshole. ))


Alrighty, it looks like Swallowtail covered a pretty much everything you need to know, but here are a few extra facts and tips;

- DO NOT mix ibuprofen and acetaminophen because it WILL destroy your stomach and make you very sick. I strongly prefer ibuprofen, my friend says nothing but Midol will help her, you might have to do a couple trial runs to find the painkiller that helps you the most.
- no name ibuprofen and acetaminophen work just as well as brand name (advil and tylenol), and cost less.
- Don't take painkillers unless you need to. Your body will build up a tolerance to it and it will require more and more of the painkiller to stop the pain, more painkiller means more risk to your stomach.
- your cramps/other symptoms might not be too terrible when you start, but they will probably get significantly worse over time.
- you might find that a certain sensation helps your cramps, headaches, or fever. Personally, I find running water helps, so if I'm dying I'll go and stick my hands under a running tap.
- Speaking of water, being in it slows your bleeding (while you are in it). Yes, I have tested this. This does not mean you can go swimming without a tampon or a menstruation cup, because the blood that's already on it's way out does still... come out, but after that's rinsed away you can have a blood-free bath.
- Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood. If you leak on your favourite pair of jeans just pour some peroxide on it, wait for it to fizz up, and rinse it out. This works best if you do it before the blood has dried, and if there's a lot of blood to take care of then you might have to run the article of clothing through the laundry to get the stain all (or most) of the way out.
- Everybody with a period has period underwear that they wear so they don't stain their nice underwear. Everybody's period underwear is the ugliest piece of clothing in existence. Unless it's Thinx, then it's pretty rad.
- Neither pads or tampons are... nice, there are however several alternatives such as Thinx underwear and menstruation cups* (both of which have the added bonus of being way more ecofriendly) so if you decide that you're not comfortable with the most popular options provided to you, give google a whirl. The youtube channel Ladylike (aka As/Is) covers quite a few of the options out there if you want to get a good idea on where to start.
- If your symptoms start to get in the way of how you function in normal everyday life then please go to a doctor. A lot of people like to make jokes about how bad PMS symptoms get but if you are legitimately struggling you need to tell someone. Pains so bad that you want to puke are not normal. Depressed moods that keep you in bed all day are not normal. Don't ignore signs because you think everybody experiences them.
- That's all I can think of. Hope this helps!
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