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" Sometimes When Im Sad Or Depressed I Always Feel That Edward Or Bella On My Side and We Talk Like With My Mind I dont know if im crazy or because im unconditionally and irrevocably with twilight saga if i never met twilight my life could be boring and emotional!twilight changed my life&im boy.MILT" - *le original text*

So yesterday i was watching the vampire diaries and Damon [ the bad vampire grrr ] said "This book has it all wrong . Vampires don't sparkle they burn." And i was like for real . Click turned off the TV and started looking at a picture of Edward because he does sparkle.MLIT ( :

For real?! OHMIGOD NOOOO way, vampires totally sparkle because Edward does and he's a real vampire! Dracula and Lestat are just stories, but Edward is REAL!
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