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This thread seems rather lonely. So I'll give it a shot, eh?
I don't have really much of a SPECIFIC question... but let's begin.. :P

I'm supposed to pretend or try to be friends with a girl I feel shoud die ((Let's call her KH) Sorry, but it's true in all severity (You can actually read about this experience in my poem "Don't you?" @ )) because my best friend, M, is still mildy friends with her. Last year all year I was best friends, no questions asked with KH even though I really disliked her. Why? She's mean. I was new that year and sat next to her in my class. This being so, I began talking to her and we became friends. She didn't show her true colors untill a few months later but everoyne else knew she was evil and assumed I was too. So when it came time the betrayal began, I had no one to keep me grounded. Nothing. I was alone all the way, being socially awkward untill I know the person. She rewired my brain to hate certain groups of people, always disagree and argue, and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. My mind still struggles with this mean mentality. But now I want to join the group she hates so much. And M hates them a bit too. I know M is not my BFF because she desn't believe in gay rights, has no tolerance about different religions, etc. but she's here for me and I owe her the world for that. I'm joining Girl Scouts though. And I don't know what to do. How to find someone who i know won't judge on things like sexuality and religion and all that. And I'm hoping I can find that in the Girl Scouts because so many decent people are there. But my father dissaproves of my choice. You know why? because the Girl Scouts of America don't allow homosexuals in. I'm stuck. I'm really stuck on where ti find the one that willl be true to me. What do I do?
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