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Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
So, I'm going to my friend's full-time school for a day. One day, to try out. And... I know that if I wear jeans and a tee shirt I'll be uncomfortable and awkward-feeling and anything like that. But if I wear a dorky that-was-so-several-centuries-ago shirt and a dorky knee-length jean skirt with leggings, I'll be considered a weirdo. I want to be myself and wear what I wear, and I'm not afraid of being considered a weirdo, as I already am, but I really don't want to embaress my friend and I want to make a good impression.
I would go with the skirt and leggins all the way. To me, you wouldn't be a weirdo, although that may not be any consolation considering I'm a Kidpubber-LOL- but I thiink most people like things that are different. If it's a good different, which i think that is.It's quirky, and I tend to be fond of quirky people. t also depends a bit on how olf you are. High school? Middle school? I don't think you hsould where the standard jeans and a t-sirt if youre uncomfortable in them, because if you attend that school, you'll kinda be expected to wear that as your usual- and you wouldn't want that, would you?
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