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Thank you for this, Re.
(Fia is so relatable to me my gosh.)
I like your elves. OH Note on Jael: if he doesn't sleep a lot, he has to eat a lot, right?


some newbies:

anno: his real name is probably alan donne (or anything where his initials are a.d. or else the 'anno' pun/nickname can't happen). he is definitely an angst ball and probably somewhere on the evil spectrum, maybe neutral evil if we're going d&d alignments. he's like...also appears later as a decent person who actually loves people?? i think?? i want to believe that sort of 180 character turn is possible but I've only ever seen it irl as a very, very, very slow progression. but he totally is a Negative Force in the life of

not/knot/nottingham who definitely is a cinnamon roll who deserves protection and doesn't get it, he's very young but it's hard to know that since he's intelligent and doesn't know how old he actually is and is living beyond his years (thru no fault of his own) and definitely has too-long messy black hair, bright eyes, a bad idea of who he is, and some sort of olive or brown skin. he's just so lost and confused on the inside 100 percent of the time that he dedicates his life to helping people find themselves in a geographical sense.

frieda finley: ok so she's been with me for 3 years now and i still know nothing about her????????? she's a supportive person and probably has a super strong personality of some sort? she thinks her cousins are the bombs and would do almost anything to help them out of a bind? she's vaguely based on fingon from the Silmarillion?

alba finley: same situation as frieda?? but doesn't know what love is? probably makes bad decisions on a romantic front? based on aredhel?

alfred shadow: some shady nerd for alba to make bad decisions with idk kind of eol?

not to mention eric and anna finley, who are alba and frieda's parents???? i don't know who they are all i know is eric cares more about his family than pretty much anything else and anna is a Mom(tm)
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