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Default Teddy Lupin: Year One

"Teddy," He heard his mother's soothing whisper. He opened his eyes to see his mother and father. His mother's hair and eyes were their natural colors. Light brown hair and dark twinkling eyes. He looked at his father. His light brown and gray hair was slicked back and the scars on his face were barely visible. Their hands were joined and they gestured for him to join them. He walked to them and the instant he touched his parents hands he woke up.
Canon Characters:
Teddy Lupin
Victoire Weasley

Blood Status:
Favorite Class:

Name: Teddy Lupin
House: Gryffindor
Sex: M
Wand: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/2 inches
Blood Status: Half-blood
Appearance: His appearance varies because he is a metamorphmagus but most of the time he has light brown hair and dark glimmering eyes, and fair skin with a fair bit of freckles. His hair is a soft, thick quiff.
Personality: He is a cool, down-to-earth person, respected and liked by many of his classmates. He is a funny troublemaker that is smart and protective.
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Boggart: Fenrir Greyback
Pet: Northern saw-whet owl

REQUEST: No romance until at least third or fourth year please.
REQUEST #2: Use this site to find your characters wand.
You can use Victoire Weasley and other canon characters you can come up with.
Character limit of 2
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