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Name: Morganne Tilling
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: F
Wand: Oak, Veela hair, 11 in
Blood status: mixed-blood (not half, her maternal grandmother was a muggle but all her other close relatives are wizards)
Appearance: Very tall and thin for her age, with smooth dark skin and green eyes. Her hair is brown and worn in shoulder-blade-length ringlets. Her face is all angles and bones and dark freckles, and her eyeballs are notoriously sunken into her head. She sometimes wears blush and eyeliner but not that often, only on special occasions. However, she secretly loves dressing up and is always looking for an excuse to wear this dark green sleeveless gown her muggle grandmother gave her. She has a few other dresses and skirts as well and they're her main clothing choice.
Personality: Morganne is the ultimate stereotypical Ravenclaw girl. She's socially distant and loves reading anything and everything, from textbooks to the backs of food containers. She's known to laugh out loud while reading non-fiction books because she simply finds them that fascinating and interesting. Basically, she acts like an even brighter version of Hermione Granger and has a genius IQ. Everything excites her, especially new places. However, she does have a ditzy girly side which never mixes with her cold hard intellectual side. She loves looking good, but people automatically assume she's trying to get attention when instead she just likes looking good for herself. She's also a huge coward and will get scared at the drop of a hat. She's ambidextrous but has sucky handwriting no matter which hand she uses. She plays the trumpet but doesn't act like a stereotypical brass player. ALSO SHE'S ASEXUAL AND AROMANTIC OK BYE
Favorite class: Muggle Studies, or Care of Magical Creatures, or pretty much anything. She just wants to learn.
Boggart: Bad grades, or her cat dying.
Pet: a tabby kitten named Calla.

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