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Name: Victoire Weasley
House: Slytherin
Sex: Female
Wand: Ash, dragon heartstring, 8 inches.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Appearance: Her hair is silvery-blonde and fine, and it's cut in a jagged uneven bob and dyed bright pink on the ends. She has light blue eyes and a small round nose. She inherited a few Weasley freckles on her nose. Victoire is about 4'11" in her first year, lean and muscular and has a few scars from various accidents and fights. She usually dresses in a huge black jacket and dark jeans. When she wants to look like a good girl, she'll dress in brightly-colored frocks.
Personality: She's fiery and rebellious, but not in a prankster fashion. Instead she'll be fine with following the rules if they agree with her. Otherwise, she'll disobey without a care in the world. She's stubborn and clever, but she's too practical for Ravenclaw. She's sly and is very good at convincing people to do what she wants them to do. She's very guarded and never lets anyone see the real side of her. As a child, she's charming and sweet outside, but tough and determined inside. She is a pathological liar and keeps a lot of secrets. She's prone to eavesdropping and manipulating people. However, as she matures she learns to turn her sneakiness down and be more open with people. She's actually pretty insecure about herself. She isn't very sarcastic though, and can swop from her good girl image to her bad girl image in an instant.
Favorite Class: Transfiguration
Boggart: Everyone finding out the 'real Victoire' and laughing at her
Pet: Small American Bobtail called Helena.
my name is finny & i like the bone app the teeth meme more than i like myself
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