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"Harry!" Neville cried out in delight and hugged Harry. Neville looked at Teddy. "Who's this little fella you got here?"

"This is my godson," Harry said. "Teddy Lupin. He's going to Hogwarts for his first year this year."

"I'm looking forward to seeing you in my class, young Mr. Lupin," Neville said.

"Thank you," Teddy replied. "Which class do you teach?"

"Herbology," Neville replied, smiling.

"Well then I'm looking forward to Herbology," Teddy smiled back at Neville, who then made his way to Mr. Sicklebee with the red-head boy and his mothers.

"Well now we have to go get you a pet," Harry smiled and they made their way to the Eeylops Owl Emporium. Teddy stared in awe at the Quidditch store as they passed it.

When they arrived at the Eeylops Owl Emporium, there was a lot of noise between all of the owls screeching at one another.

"See any owl that catches your eye?" Harry asked, looking at Teddy. Teddy scanned the room when he saw one that he approached. It had big beautiful brown eyes and the feathers around it's eyes were white and the rest were black with a little black beak to top it off. It's features were catlike and it had a large head.

Someone that appeared to work there approached them. "Ah, the northern saw-whet owl, highly nocturnal, rarely seen. It'll be fifteen galleons."

"Do you like her?" Harry asked. Teddy nodded and smiled. Harry handed over fifteen golden coins and took the cage. "What do you want to name her?" Harry asked as they left Eeylops Owl Emporium.

Teddy had given it a lot of thought and replied, "Tonks."
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