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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
Curufin: what is this stick? it is emitting power. *starts trying to steal wand from Octavian*

Maedhros: *wearily* found him

Maglor: ...I can tell...

Celegorm: hey bro wassup

Curufin: help me take his stick

Celegorm: oh sure

Maedhros: *groans* wHY CELEGORM

Maglor: *sighs* *turns to Annabeth* I think we may need some help
Annabeth: Agreed. Reyna?

Reyna: Yeah?

Annabeth: What are you doing?

Reyna: Calling for backup, but it would appear that no one wants to answer me.

Annabeth: From whom?

Reyna: The Twelth Legion. Apparently they're busy.

Annabeth: Um...ok then. First of all, we need to stop that. //points to Ron, Octavian, Curufin, and Celegorm//

Thomas: I have a plan!

Annabeth: What the heck Thomas you scared the crap out of me! What were you doing this whole time?

Thomas: Not important. I say we just tackle them! //Annabeth and Reyna groan//
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