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Unhappy I'm So Sad

Hello, everyone. I need advice about this topic. I've been cyberbullied for about 4 years now. I had an IPod when I was 6 and I started getting the games when I was 6, and when I was 7, it all started. It's still going on right now, but you know, my IPod is gone now, but, it's going on from Fashion Story (6-7), Minecraft (7,8), Fantage (8,9,10), and now Animal Jam (9,10,).

When I was 7, my favourite game was Fashion Story, but now it isn't *you'll find out why... |thinks of the song "7 Years|*. I started to be called the b-word, n-word, and all those cusses that are horrible. I bursted into tears. Literally. I was only 7. And just thinking of that, like, 29-year-old lady's words still makes me cry.

I've been cyberbullied today by a very close friend, on Animal Jam. The username is Mrpurefish and her/his*I have no idea, sorry* group. When they found out my chatbox stopped working and was turned down by Animal Jam Headquarters -because AJHQ thought the art I posted onto the site was violating the animal jam rules,- they started laughing at me and started saying the lame bubble words on Bubble Chat. When my younger sister tried to make Mrpurefish say sorry, she was called "little rat" and was locked out of Mrpurefish's den *game house for animaljam*

Please Help Me! My crying and sobbing has been going on for, like, 5 years now and I can't handle it! Thanks, -Sy

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