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Toriel: What the *BLEEEP* happened- oh, sorry, child, excuse my language! What happened?!
Frisk: (still panicking) Uh, well, he- I mean, we were just kinda walking along- a bunch of bullies came round-
Toriel: Child, calm down! How- how is he, well... bleeding? Mettaton is a robot!
Frisk: Well, he kinda somehow turned into a human.
Toriel: He WHAT?!?
Frisk: I don't know how either! We need to- to...
Toriel: (muttering) Well, if he really is a human, Dr. Alphys won't be able to help...
Mettaton: ...ughhh... (moves his head. Until now, Toriel and Frisk haven't actually seen the wound.)
Toriel: OH my-!
Frisk: F***.
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