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Default A Slightly Less Pretentious Review Service

The days of me pretending to be a cynical aloof sarcastic bean are done. The Cynic's Book Review days were a different time. Now I'm older....stronger...less elitist and annoying (oh myyy was I a bad little bean).

I will do reviews, I will just leave comments. I will also beta-read. Because I have experience with this now. You need an editor, I can do THAT. I am a versatile and clever bean. I am a well-grown bean.

The beantalk is a development of 2016.

So yes. I will do reviews again. It's been some time and I doubt there will be much interest but heyyyyyyy I am ready to be surprised.

I'm here and I won't be rude or disrespectful anymore, amusing though that was.

Nor will I be uppity and elitist.

I'm a good bean now.

This should really be the bean review services.

(if any of you are doubting that a bean can review well, the Cynic's Book Reviews were pretttttty popular in the day so I can do it and I can take myself seriously. So ey)

Yes. I'm back. It won't last long tbh, I'm getting old. Old and old and old and old. But I will be back here doing reviews for a little bit. Get em while they're hot.
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